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A half-cent sales tax approved by Bay County voters in 1998 generated approximately $130 million to provide facility improvements at 27 public schools in the county. Bay District Schools used those funds to make significant improvements by renovating or replacing unsafe and functionally obsolete facilities.
Bay District Schools maintains an ongoing list of projected construction needs for the revolving renovations of existing school facilities, a five-year plan that is required by law. The projects are taken from that plan, scored, prioritized with the assistance of community volunteers. The half cent sales tax can address many of the prioritized needs. Learn more about proposed improvement projects at each school by clicking on the school name below.
In addition to the renovation plan, the Superintendent has as his goal to introduce a standard level of technology in all schools in order to provide access and equity for all students. This will allow teachers to more readily deliver instruction in the technology-rich environment, a world to which today’s technology-savvy students are accustomed ~ which may include a lower ratio of students to computers, interactive white boards/ projectors, and student response systems with interactive keypads that allow for immediate assessment of student learning and instructional delivery. Recent studies show that even a lower computer to student ratio results in fewer discipline problems, lower dropout rates and higher rates of learning. Learn more by clicking on a school or Classroom Technology Plans.
Visit the gallery for a sampling of the facilities improvements made to local schools as a result of the 1998 half-cent sales tax.